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Published 2021-10-29 on Anjan's Homepage

When using for Sxmo's documentation we wanted to have two versions:

  1. Documentation for the latest tagged stable release of the code
  2. Documentation for the latest git HEAD version of the code

Having two versions allows us to document features as we add them to the git HEAD. Additionally, we want to serve up an HTML version of both versions so that users of the git HEAD can read how the new features work and users of the stable releases don't get information about features that don't exist.

Ideally, would have a drop down menu to select different git branches/tags of the git repo you feed it. I opened an issue about this:

For now, I had to find a workaround. So I opened two wikis and two git repos: sxmo-docs and sxmo-docs-next. In sourcehut, each wiki must point to a branch. The sxmo-docs wiki points to the master branch on the sxmo-docs git repo and the sxmo-docs-next wiki points to the develop branch on the sxmo-docs-next git repo. Here are the webpages for the wikis and git repos.

You might be wondering why I did this. Often, I will fix the documentation in the stable version of the wiki (sxmo-docs) but since the git HEAD version of the code has that change too, I want to be able to rebase sxmo-docs-next on top of my commits to sxmo-docs. Clearly this is a case where I would use git rebase. Setting up the wiki and git repos like this, I am able to have one local repo on my machine with two branches and update both wikis with git-rebase git-push.

So locally, I have setup my remotes like this:

$ git remote -v
devel (fetch)
devel (push)
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

And my branches are setup like this:

$ git branch
 * develop

I can add commits to the master branch and use git push origin master to update the stable docs. To update the development docs, I checkout the develop branch and use git push devel develop to update the develop docs. I can always rebase the develop branch on top of changes to the master branch.

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