Setting up contact and calendar syncing with baikal

Published 2016-12-22 on Anjan's Homepage

I recently added baikal to my suite of services offered here on If you know me personally, email me in order to get an invite. In this post, I will be describing how to setup syncing and backup with the service. I set this up because I like opentasks’ todo list much more than google’s.

1 Android

  1. Download and install the F-droid appstore. This appstore allows us to get open source apps for free when we would have to otherwise pay for them. Make sure you allow unknown sources when you are prompted to do so.
  2. Click the three dots on the top right and tap "update repos"
  3. Search for and install DAVdroid and OpenTasks
  4. Open up DAVdroid, press the + icon in the bottom right, tap "Log in with URL and user name" and enter:
    1. for base url
    2. your given user name for User name
    3. your given password for Password
  5. Login and make sure to select default address book and default calendar.

Press the sync icon on the top right whenever you wish to sync

1.1 Contact Syncing

Only proceed if you want to sync your contacts with my server rather than google

Your contacts with your current setup will not sync with DavDroid. In order to sync contacts with Davdroid, they must be assigned to the Davdroid account rather than your google account. In order to assign your contacts to the DAVdroid account:

  1. Export your contacts to a .vcf file from your "contacts" app
  2. Delete all your contacts from the "contacts". (Do NOT delete the exported .vcf file)
  3. Import your contacts from the vcf file in your "contacts" app and assign to DAVdroid when prompted.

Use opentasks in order to add things to your todo list and calendar. No extra steps required.

You may tap on your account in DAVdroid and press the sync icon anytime you want to sync your calendar and contacts.

2 Windows

To view your contacts and calendar on windows, I recommend using thunderbird. Although not required, it is also nice to have your email setup with thunderbird as it sends you desktop notifications whenever you get an email. (Google: "[university name/organization name] thunderbird")

2.1 Setup calendar:

Events and tasks on the menu bar > Tasks

Right click on the bottom left right under the "Home" calendar > "New calendar"

"Select On the Network" > "CalDav" > Location:<YOUR USERNAME>/default

Select the other options according to your preferences and press next. You will be prompted for your username and password.

To setup contacts:

  1. Download the SoGo connector plugin
  2. Tools > addons
  3. Click extensions on the sidebar and drag and drop the Sogo connector plugin into there.
  4. Tools on the menu bar > Address Book
  5. Tools on new window(adress book)&rsquo;s menu bar > File > New > Remote Address Book
  6. Enter Location:<YOUR USERNAME>/default

If you wish to setup contacts with another application, the url is:<YOUR USERNAME>/default

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