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Published 2016-04-26 on Anjan's Homepage

If you’re seeing this, that means we’ve invited you to mumble. In this post, we will explain what mumble is, why you would want to use it, and how to set it up if you’re having trouble.

Reasons to use mumble:

  • Lowest latency
  • Best voice quality
  • The host is a dedicated computer, not someone in the call.
    • If someone leaves call, the call doesnt end.
    • No one in call has to experience higher latency in game cause theyre host
    • No dropped calls
  • Little lag for people talking from across the country
  • It’s like a group chat that never ends. You meet new people and it’s fun.
  • We have a bot that blasts K-Pop into the server
  • There is a text to voice bot that will say ANYTHING you type into chat. (you can turn this off if it’s annoying)

How to use mumble on desktop

  • Download mumble (stable release) for your OS from here.
  • Click next, next, next through install wizard.
  • Open mumble:

These next settings are important. Please read the recommended settings for the server above each image of the setting

  • Click next
  • Select your mic and speaker
  • Click next
  • Adjust slider such that the bar always stays in green area even when your talking quietly (not wanting to wake anyone) or yelling/annoyed. Try your best, if you can’t get it perfect, it’s fine.
  • Choose when you want mumble to transmit your voice.

Push to talk - Only send my voice through channel while I hold down a button. Perfect if you always have music playing or family talking. Click on the grey box and press the button you wanna hold down to talk. (I reccomend caps lock as push to talk button)

The other two options basically compare how much sound is coming through mic and transmit if you get loud enough.

  • Leave these settings default.
  • Do you have headphones?
  • Choose whether you’d like to send stats to mumble
  • Click on the globe on the top left to connect to my server
  • Click Add New
  • Enter the credentials we sent to you. (You may choose whatever username and lable you want. I chose momi as my label for the server)
  • Click connect while having your label for my server selected.
  • Accept the certificate for my server by clicking yes. You will have to do this once.

After Installing

Thats it! you should be in my server talking now. If you ever need to reconfigure your sound, click configure on the top bar and then click audio wizard.

If you need a private room, message me on steam or email me and I can make a private room for you with a password.

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